Who We Are?

U Ahmed CPA is a CPA firm established to help businesses across the USA grow to meet all accounting and tax requirements. A rich financial accounting and reporting firm providing upscale service from handling simple payroll concerns to more complex audit and assurance problems. As one of the leading CPA firms in Houston, TX, we integrate the industry’s best practices and updated accounting, audit and taxation standards; U Ahmed CPA improves your business integrity.
At U Ahmed CPA, we offer services to a myriad of industries and sectors. We are a specialist non-profit accounting firm in Houston with a reach that expands to all the states across the US.


U Ahmed CPA is formed based on transforming the Accounting & Finance domain of businesses across various industries with proprietary and state-of-the-art CPA solutions.


We envision U Ahmed CPA to be recognized across the region as a collaborative and client-centric firm where we offer customized, reliable, transparent, professional audit and accounting services.


Uzma Ahmed, CPA

A decade of experience as an accounting and finance development officer with a passion to help businesses reach their financial targets, Uzma Ahmed is an accomplished CPA and an Accountant. Her illustrious career is based on her skills to maintain, improve, and manage financial integrity with accuracy. Her career highlights are her specialization in catering to non-profit organizations in the US and working in international Oil & Gas Industry. Skilled at leading and empowering high-caliber staff teams to deliver financial statements and complete accounting duties in a timely, thorough manner. Success leveraging analytical thinking and problem-solving abilities to support financial and operational decision-making. Demonstrated ability to build and strengthen professional relationships with stakeholders.

Expertise in

  • Financial Management & Accounting
  • Staff Management & Team Building
  • Financial Statement Preparation
  • Project Management
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Budget Management & Forecasting
  • Financial Reporting & Analysis
  • Relationship Management & Building
  • Process & System Improvements
  • Strategic Planning & Implementation

Faisal Batla: Director/Partner

Faisal Batla has extensive experience of over two decades in Audit handling, Taxation, Financial Accounting, Reporting and Payroll Management. A career in Oil & Gas, Manufacturing and Service Industries and others as an Executive Finance and at advisory positions has helped him shape a career marked with numerous accolades. Accounting & Finance is more than a mere job for him, pursuing it as early as his Chartered Accountancy training days; Mr. Batla had already performed audits for various public and private organizations.

  • 20+ years of hands-on experience in Audit handling, Tax, Finance Accounting and Payroll Management
  • MBA Degree in Accounts & Finance
  • Work experience in Oil and Gas services and Manufacturing Industries as Financial executive and adviser
  • During his Chartered Accountancy training, he has performed various audits of public and private companies.